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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is in Froota smoothie cubes?
    You can count on the fact that each smoothie cube is prepared carefully under strict hygiene controls and consists of pure fruits, veggies, and oats. We never add any sugar, preservatives, nor flavourings as we believe the high quality ingredients we use provide the best taste and nutrition for you. You may find the detailed ingredient list on each product description as well as on our labels.

  2. How do I prepare Froota smoothies?
    One of the best things about Froota smoothie cubes is that you can enjoy it even if you don’t own a blender! Two steps are all it takes from freezer to cup.
    Blender method
  1. Add frozen cubes to blender and cover the cubes with your choice of liquid base.
  2. Blend until smooth.

         No Blender method

  1. Add frozen cubes to a mason jar or tumbler and cover the cubes with your choice of liquid base.
  2. Wait 20 minutes, shake until smooth.

  3. How many Froota smoothie cubes do I need?
    A typical one portion would require 15 cubes. This would be great for breakfast or anytime you want a more filling smoothie. For a snack portion, you may go for a half portion of 8 cubes. The snack portion is perfect for in-between meals or pre- or post-workout. It really depends on your preference!

  4. What type of liquid base should I use for Froota smoothies?
    The beauty of Froota smoothies is that you can use whichever liquid base that best suits your tastes! For those who enjoy a lighter smoothie, water or fruit juices are a great choice. For those who prefer a creamier texture, milk or plant-based milks work amazingly well. We recommend our favourites in each product description but we encourage you to unleash your creativity and experiment with different combinations to find your own favourite blends!

  5. How much liquid base should I use?
    A simple rule of thumb is to add enough liquid to cover the cubes for a smoothie. For smoothie bowls, we recommend adding 50% the usual amount for a thicker consistency. Nevertheless, you may feel free to adjust the amount of liquid by adding more or less according to your personal preference.

  6. Can I add my own supplements and toppings to Froota smoothies?
    Yes! You can certainly add in your preferred supplements and toppings (such as protein powder, chia seeds, and more) to Froota smoothies to make them even more nutritious and delicious for you. We love seeing how our easily Froota smoothies incorporate into your daily routines. Check out our social media to see recipes that you can try!

    Share your favourite #FrootaSmoothie combos on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @froota.mys to unlock exclusive discount codes for your next order! (Please make sure your profile is set to public, otherwise we might not be able to view it! :))

  7. What is the shelf life of Froota smoothie cubes?
    We recommend consuming the smoothie cubes within 4 months for optimum taste and freshness. The 'Best Before' date is listed on each Froota smoothie pack, so it is easy to keep track! Ice crystals may form on the surface of the smoothie cubes but do not worry, it is still safe to be consumed. Please keep them frozen at all times to maintain the product quality.

  8. How and when will my order be delivered to me?
    The Froota team will carefully pack your orders in a cooler box with plenty of ice packs to keep the products frozen until it is delivered to your doorstep! To help us maintain product quality, please ensure that someone is available to receive the products and place them in the freezer as soon as possible. Please refer here for more information regarding delivery.

  9. My area is not covered in your delivery zone.
    Sorry about that! We apologize that we are not able to serve more delivery areas at the moment. However, please drop us a note here if you would like us to consider adding your area in future as we work on expanding our delivery coverage.

  10. I have a product quality issue. How may I request for a refund?
    We apologize if you are unhappy with the product for any reason. Please refer here for more information regarding our Refund Policy and we will be glad to assist you.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any other questions!